How We Got Here

More than 60 years ago, a group of neighbors gathered together in faith. They canvassed their neighborhood to determine if there was enough interest to launch a church program. Apparently there was. The first Ladera Community Church worship service was held on the patio of a local home on April 18, 1954.

Today the creative vision of a small group of neighbors has grown into a diverse and dynamic community, a sanctuary where any person may come to worship God and expand their understanding of the Christian tradition. At Ladera Community Church, our goal is to nurture the spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth of each and every person, uniting us in accepting full stewardship for our community and the world.

We encourage you to come take a look and discover what a wonderful thing a few neighbors have accomplished.

All Are Welcome

Ladera Community Church, in accordance with the spirit and teaching of Jesus, will seek to be an inclusive fellowship welcoming and affirming people of every race, color, class, sexual orientation (LGBT*), and religious background.

This church accepts responsibility to work toward the goal of an integrated community. It therefore renounces discrimination of every form — in worship, housing, employment, recreation, and business or professional services.

This church calls upon its members as individuals to uphold the above declaration both in church activities and in daily life.

*Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender

Where We’re Going

The mission of Ladera Community Church is to provide a sanctuary where anyone who so wishes can worship God according to the teachings and spirit of Jesus; to nurture the spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth of each person; to serve God with our talent, time, energy, and money, accepting full stewardship for our community – the world; and to encourage others to join in our ministries.
Our vision for Ladera Community Church is to be an inviting, vibrant and visible Christian community; a church where intergenerational relationships are broadened and deepened; a place where people come to know and be known, develop in faith, make a difference throughout life’s journey; a sanctuary that sends all who enter back into the world renewed, connected, and closer to God.
Seeking – we value the questions as much as the answers. Seeking, we recognize there is more to be learned, discovered, understood, and embraced.

Serving – what good is our faith if it is not reflected in compassionate action? Serving those in need, in our community and the wider world, is our faithful response to Jesus’ commandment to love one another and our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Growing – this is what the spiritual life is all about. Growing closer to God: deeper in understanding, stronger in faith, connected to each other. Every new experience and each new encounter challenge and invite our growth. In so many ways, growth as individuals and in community is the natural consequence of seeking and serving.

We covenant with the Lord and with one another and bind ourselves in the presence of God:

  • to walk together in mutual love and respect,
  • to rely upon the continued guidance of God’s Spirit to lead us into a deeper understanding of God’s purposes,
  • to see in all that we do to follow the way revealed in the teachings of Jesus.

We acknowledge our responsibility as Christians to share in the work and fellowship of this church, both at home and throughout the world.

Denominational Affiliation

We are a congregation of the United Church of Christ, based on principles of the Congregational tradition, affiliated with the Northern California Nevada Conference UCC.