“The government of the church is vested in its members.”

- Ladera Community Church Constitution, Article III

As part of the United Church of Christ (UCC) denomination, Ladera Community Church is self-governed and free to act in accordance with the collective decisions of its members. Church Officers, Council, Board and Committee/Team members are elected annually.

Church Council

The Church Council, comprised of officers, committee representatives and members-at-large, and led by an elected Moderator, meets monthly to oversee policy and administration of the church. The Council is the governing body of the church and acts on the congregation’s behalf between congregational meetings. The Council facilitates communications between various boards and committees.

Council Officers

  • Pastor: Rev. Lindsay Fulmer
  • Moderator: Laurel Brock
  • Treasurer: John Nightingale
  • Recorder: Jane Land

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is in charge of the care and custody of church property. It oversees maintenance and use of church facilities.

Board of Ministries

(currently under review and revision)

Preschool Board

The Preschool Board operates and maintains a warm and supportive preschool, seeking to help each child develop to his or her greatest potential, with meaningful experiences for both child and family. The Board cooperates with all church Boards and Committees, but has independent authority to select its own staff, establish its own policy and rules, and maintain its separate financial accounts. It is represented on the Church Council.