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Update on Plans for Bathroom Renovation

Last summer the Facilities Committee took on the task of answering the question of how we can make the bathroom outside of the Sanctuary wheelchair accessible. Currently a person in a wheelchair needs assistance to use our bathroom and the appearance of the bathroom is dated and unattractive.

Karen Turner, Terry Alfredson, her friend who is a design student, and Krista Hoffman, a designer in our congregation, took on this work and have created a renovation plan. Below is a rendering of the plan and photos that we hope will illustrate the type of color scheme and materials that we intend to use.

Two licensed contractors with very good references bid independently on the project. Their bids were similar and consistent with other information we have on costs in our area. Our best estimate of the total cost of the project is approximately $40,000. Our Church Treasurer, John Nightingale, believes bequest money or existing funds from other sources could be used for the renovation, if approved by the relevant parties. Because the estimated cost exceeds $10,000, we need congregational approval to commit the funds and move forward with the renovation.

Members of the Facilities Committee, Krista, and Terry presented the renovation plan to the Council. Council recommended that we have a Second Hour presentation to explain the thought process behind the design decisions and answer questions about the project in preparation for a vote by the Congregation.

For more information, please come to the Second Hour on April 15 or talk with members of the Facilities Team.

The Facilities Team: Doug Vollrath, Karen Turner, Bill Verplank, Justin Kennedy, Karl Kuhlman