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Easter Spirit

Easter is almost here, the Lenten journey leading to the surprising sunrise revelation of resurrection life. I just love Easter, especially here at church, with the dogwood beginning to bloom, the brass sounding and choir singing out alleluias, and the can’t be beat story of love’s big turnaround from tragedy to triumph.

This Easter’s especially poignant as it’s the last before I retire from full-time pastoral ministry, and move into the next chapter. For a decade now we’ve shared this part of the journey, and what a joy that has been for me. When I was struggling with deciding when to retire, my brother-in-law offered this advice. “You see, Lindsay, you got your go-go years, your slow-go years, and then your no-go years. The key is to retire while you’re still in your go-go years, well before the no-go years.” Makes sense. Especially as life rolls along so quickly and grandkids grow up in the blink of an eye. Around here, too! Kids that were just out of kindergarten when I started now have drivers licenses. Kids that were beginning middle school are about to graduate college. Talk about the go-go years!

So a chapter closes and a new one opens for you and for me. There are so many signs of new life springing up here, bringing creative challenges along with amazing possibilities. I’m excited for you about the confluence of events now leading to revisioning the use of space in ways to better serve the community. Spirit filled energy is gathering, and I’ll be eager to see where the Spirit leads you! I’m so grateful for the time here, and for getting to know and love and work with you all. What a gift, one for which I’ll be forever thankful. My hope and prayer is that you continue to seek, serve and grow in all the ways God calls you – and I have full confidence that the right new leader is just waiting to answer God’s call to serve with you. I will miss you!

With love & peace,