Our desire is for children to come to know the Christian story and to make it their own. We encourage children to find a personal faith that will carry them through all of life’s challenges.

We also strive to make our worship community a place where children not only feel included, but are a vital part of the total life of the church. Our goal for all who participate in our program is that they will see the church community as a body of believers in Jesus Christ, son of God, who are open and affirming of all the children of God; and that they will come to understand that through service to others they reflect God’s love.

Childcare is provided each Sunday morning from 9:15 am – 12:15 pm.

An opportunity for faith formation for the children occurs approximately 15 minutes into the weekly worship service, when all children are invited to come to the front of the sanctuary for Time with Children led by the Director of Faith Formation or the Pastor. This time provides a short spiritual lesson for the children, with adults in the congregation in attendance. Once the lesson has been presented, the children are dismissed to attend their morning classes.

While most kids prefer to go to Sunday school, children are always welcome to stay in worship.

Children age four and under meet in one of our preschool classrooms where they are encouraged to explore their world through art, play, and story time. They also spend time in our outdoor playgrounds when the weather is nice.

Teacher: Jennifer Pilling* Rooms: 1 & 2

Volunteer parents and youth are assistants. Parents are always welcome to attend class with their child.

*Employed by the church and state-credentialed preschool teacher.

Young children are introduced to the Bible and to Jesus as they journey in formation of their faith through music, story time, art and play. Through play, they learn to share, to be kind, to explore their feelings and to think of others, which are all vital to a young child’s faith development. They learn through experience that each person is a child of God.

Teacher: Linda Fenn* Rooms: 6 & 7

Volunteer parents and youth are assistants. Parents are always welcome to attend class with their child.

*Employed by the church and state-credentialed preschool teacher.

Under the careful guidance of our teaching staff and volunteers, children in elementary and middle school continue along the journey of faith formation by exploring the connection between giving, serving and faith. During Sunday morning classes children use a variety of age-appropriate learning methods to experience the biblical story or theological concept of the day. This challenges the children to have a stronger mutual respect for others and a deeper relationship with God.

Teachers: Dave Fischer (Grades 3-4), John Nightingale (Grades 5-8).

Volunteer parents and youth are assistants. Parents are welcome to attend class with their child.


Our community celebrates Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Children and youth are always welcome to participate in this ritual, as the Lord’s Table is welcome to all.


Through the lighting of candles on the Communion Table, children and youth participate in leading the congregation into Sunday morning worship.

Service Projects

Through out the year our children are given the opportunity to participate in various service projects such as helping with food drives and school supply drives, selling baked goods to raise money for various projects, and creating skits to announce special offerings taken during our worship services.

Christmas Pageant

Each year our children and youth participate in a Christmas Eve Pageant to tell the story of Jesus’ birth through drama, storytelling, and music.

All Out

All Out is an intergenerational dinner with fun and fellowship held a few times a year, where children and youth are active participants.