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Help and Hope

These are such tumultuous times. We’ve seen hurricanes destroy, and fires rage, floods rush in, and the scramble to pull people from earthquake rubble. Add to that head-spinning news on the political front, all this can be overwhelming, and strain the moorings of fortitude and faith. Staying centered, keeping spiritual resources supplied, finding solace in what shelters – this becomes all the more important. I know I’ve taken longer walks and had longer talks with loved ones, simple ways to refuel.

With storm surges of all kinds, we’ve also seen the power of coming together – coming together like a human chain reaches out to pull someone to safety, coming together to shore up tumbled buildings and lives, coming together to uplift with prayers translated in action, coming together to help – and bring hope.

So we keep asking “Why Church” and here’s another answer. “Help, and hope.”

Appeals for support for Heifer project, hurricane relief, even the Mester family in their own way here as refugees, by our compassionate action and response together we can make a significant difference. Right now, for storm victims, recovery and relief, funds are needed. In the weeks and months ahead, the UCC will be organizing teams from all over the country to go to storm ravaged places and help with rebuilding and recovery. We’ll keep you posted.

October brings World Communion Sunday – celebrating our connection with the world-wide family of faith, reminder we are called together to be in loving partnership, bringing hope and help. October brings the blessing of the animals in the spirit of St. Francis, who recognized all God’s creatures as beloved. October brings the Neighbors in Need offering, another opportunity to offer help and hope to so many in need by sharing from our abundance.

Coming together, we find strength and a well-stocked supply of help and hope. In worship, the spirited music , prayer and word, the being together in community can help keep us centered, ready to help, fueled by hope.

I will be away at a Preaching Conference Oct 2-4, and again Oct 30-Nov 1 to visit grand-babies in Portland…keeping hope and happiness supplied!

Love and peace,

From Ladera Life – October 2017