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Listening for God’s Guidance

Summer seems to whizz by faster and faster each year, and suddenly school starts up and along comes fall’s full schedule. Hope summer brought time to relax and unwind with those you love in places you enjoy!

All summer long there have been gatherings graciously hosted in people’s homes to share a meal together and personal reflections as part of our “Listening Campaign.” Many thanks to Peter Sass, John Nightingale and Linda Drey-Nightingale, Curt and Pat Luck, and Kyle Barriger for their stellar hospitality, and to all who participated. Folks were invited to reflect on questions based on the Frederick Buechner quote, “The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s great hunger meet.” What is the source of deep gladness in your life? Here at LCC? What do you believe is the world’s deep hunger? Responses were duly noted, and will be compiled to be shared in an all church gathering following worship on October 2.

Why this Listening Campaign? Think of it as a means of discernment in order to map the way ahead. What are our common values, central concerns, whom and where do we feel called to serve? How can we most effectively us our collective resources: our people, both staff and members, our place – this beautiful site, and our material means, our financial resources? Having been part of all these listening gatherings, what’s intrigued me has been how there are clear commonalities in what brings folks deep gladness in their personal lives and here at church, and greater diversity in assessing the world’s pressing need. Joys shared in common,
concerns that range from the concrete: hunger, shelter, a living wage, to systemiceconomic
injustice and a growing divide, freedom from violence, the basic need for acceptance, inclusion and connection.

Our fall theme, “Listening for God’s Guidance” encourages continued engagement in this discernment. My hope and prayer is that listening to each other, we will indeed tune into
to what the Spirit is prompting us to do, and to become. Call it tuning into a kind of holy GPS, “God’s Positioning System”, leading us forward with renewed energy and confident of God’s call upon our lives. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Love and peace,

From Ladera Life – September 2016