bay cleanup 2014

At Ladera Community Church our intent is to live our faith through our actions, being guided by the teachings of Christ who was a progressive leader, as we are striving to be.  Mission and Service is an active, hands-on arm of the Church, reaching out to make a difference in our world whether it is socially, environmentally, or politically.

Serving as Public Witness

Ladera Community Church takes the position of justice and inclusion for all. This includes people of any race, class, sexual orientation and religion. In keeping with our faith we speak out and take progressive stands on justice and equality issues. At the same time we welcome dialog with the intent to understand and connect with the broader world.

Financial Support

Ladera Community Church has a long tradition of active Christian giving worldwide and in the U.S. We support service and relief organizations, who not only respond in emergencies, but also work throughout the year to provide the tools people need to pull themselves up by their own initiative.

The following receive yearly offerings from the congregation:

  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Neighbors in Need
  • Church World Service
  • Christmas Offering for a different recipient each year
  • When disasters strike or emergencies arise, extra offerings are taken to provide timely relief

Service Opportunities

We believe in providing a message of hope through our actions. Our service opportunities include projects for the environment, for equality, and for social benefit. Recently projects include rehabilitating open space lands, collecting and distributing school supplies, providing monthly lunches for guests at Maple Street Shelter, and furnishing families with a Christmas celebration of gifts and food. For 20 years we have had a thriving relationship with LifeMoves (formerly InnVision/Shelter Network). All are welcome to join us in these Mission and Service projects.

Find a Service Opportunity