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Risen, indeed!

Wow. Maybe it’s just the full pages on the calendar, but this Lenten season seems to be flying by. We’re already halfway through – soon it’ll be Easter and celebrating resurrection and new life.

But before that, there’s the dying; the hard part of the story. There’s no getting around it, though. For new life to happen, something’s got to give, some stone roll away, some change happen. And change can be disruptive and down right scary – whooshing us away from the familiar into unknown territory. Rapid fire changes and cultural shifts are happening at a dizzying pace. Just think how quickly mobile phones became cell phones became smart phones. Now toddlers adeptly handle iPads, and cars can park themselves. We’re in a new world, like it or not!

Church life is changing too. There’s lots of buzz about it, lots of speculation about what adaptive changes churches need make to stay vital and alive in the midst of all this change. I like what David Lose, from In the Meantime has to say about it:

Not one of us knows the best way forward (as a church, as companies, as relief agencies, as health providers, as the government). There is simply too much up for grabs, too much changing too quickly. Of that I am absolutely sure. But I also believe that God has provided us collectively with sufficient wisdom, fortitude, patience and grace to discern God’s preferred future together. Which is why building and tending relationships, along side with valuing innovation and creativity, is essential.

We’re headed in an Easter direction when we ask, as this church, what changes need we make for new life and growth to happen? We live into Easter’s resurrection reality when continue to be about building and tending relationships. So stay tuned for a “Listening Campaign” to come as we collaboratively engage in discerning God’s future for Ladera Community Church. May we be open to new life, and bold to proclaim, “Risen indeed!”

I will be away March 5-12 at a sister’s reunion in La Paz, Mexico. Wilma Reichard will be on call in case of pastoral emergency.

With love and faith in Easter joy,

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