From Ashes to Alleluia

April 16, 2017
Scripture Reading: John 20:1-18
Rev. Lindsay L. Fulmer

There was more than one resurrection that day. There were two, at least. At least the way John tells it, and because he tells it we know there were more. Many, many more. Like all miracles, it happened at a time and place you’d least expect. While it was still dark, in the graveyard of hope, where dreams turn to dust. Where the stone of grief has shut away all that was held dear, shut out any possibility of more to come, like a massive concrete period at the end of a love story. A tragic love story. A story with love woven through every line, from the first tottering steps to the last cross-carrying stumble and fall. A story tragic because cruelty still held court. Callus, crucifying power played the last hand. Hatred and fear crushed it.

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