Supplying the Vision

Scripture: Isaiah 65:17-25

“To clasp hands together in prayer is the beginning of the uprising against the disorder of the world.” – Karl Barth.

We gather here this morning in the aftermath of a Presidential election that for many hit like a shockwave. We’re still standing, but the ground has shifted under our feet, leaving us no longer certain about where we stand, anxious and fearful about what next may come. In the wake of a bitter and bruising campaign season, a dangerous undertow threatens, eroding the very foundations of community. Our nation has long been demoralized and devastated by the sin of racism, the sin of bigotry, the sin of misogyny and sexism. These have not only been exposed, but now blatantly exploited to gain political power. Successfully. Exposure of these malevolent forces comes as a shock made more painful by the realization that white privilege has insulated so many of us from the ugly reality of racism and bigotry experienced by our black and brown brothers and sisters.”

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