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Spirit Led, Spirit Fed

Are you ready? The Spirit’s moving, stirring up Pentecost spirit here, and it’s a spirit of transformation, for sure. I love the story of Pentecost, which I never really got growing up – didn’t hear much about it. It’s a huge moment in the life of very fledgling Christian community, when the Spirit swooped in and suddenly  people from very different places understood each other, and  were so full of joy folks thought they were drunk!  Spirit with the power to transform fear into faith, and sorrow into joy, a creative power surge enough to birth the Christian church. That’s why we celebrate it as the birthday of the church (and yes, another great reason for cake!)

And yipee, such a Spirit is moving here, generating energy with the inspired Community Partnership Proposal (thanks Kathan!) which reaches out to our neighbors to join with us in partnership in order make the most of our space to serve the wider community in keeping with our our mission and ministry. Collaboration, creativity, and community – a potent mix! It’s exciting, for what better way to design a site plan than to ask those we would serve what’s most needed and wanted!

What this proposal so deftly  affirms is a very present reality: we both want and need partners. How much more we can dare to undertake, can we accomplish, when we work together, encouraging and inspiring each other! This is what the Spirit does, after all, bring people together with a shared vision and purpose; uplifting and rousing enough to face challenges and overcome obstacles. There may be obstacles, sure – and yet, Spirit–led, we’re bound to be Spirit-fed! The hope and promise in all this is to reach out to neighbors and gather up ideas, share these, and choose a project to start with and joining our efforts, follow the Spirit’s lead and “prototype” it into reality.  So please fill out the simple survey, and invite friends and neighbors too! Can’t wait to see what the Spirit has in mind!

Cheers and love,