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SSP 2017: Day 3

Good morning, friends and supporters!

Yesterday (Day 3) was our first day on our worksites and it was an amazing day. We started off with a safety presentation where we go to practice using power tools. Each team then was driven out to their site by one of the staff members and given instruction on their specific jobs. There are four different youth groups here from around California, and each work team is composed of a combination of people from those four groups. It is a great way for us to meet lots of new people and form some amazing new friendships.

Our work teams are working on a variety of projects including roofing, painting, and building decks and stairs. It sounds like the work so far has been rewarding and many of our teams have met the homeowners who are so gracious.

At 4:00 pm we came back to our home in the gymnasium for showers and free time. Dinner was great and filling, followed by our team chores such as dishes, kitchen patrol, and bathroom patrol.

After chores, we started our program time with singing for our mail (courtesy of Ann and Sam Ingebritson and Janet and Michael Hollingshead) and then we sang some classic SSP songs in full SSP style with shoutouts and dancing. Always a lot of fun.

Each team also shared site reports to let everyone else know what they did on their work sites that day. We did it in the style of a freeze frame where we made a single vignette to explain our work. It can be difficult to portray an entire day’s worth of work in a single snapshot.

The rest of our program time was focused on the theme of “God Built You” and we talked about how we are all unique and loved completely by God, our Creator.

It was a great day full of good reports and zero injuries… woohoo! On to Day 4!