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SSP 2017: Day 4

Yesterday was our second full day of work on our worksites, and we continue to be injury free! We all left for our worksites at 9am and returned at 4pm for showers and free time. You’ll have to get the specifics about everyone’s work from them as most of them are too busy socializing to give me a full report. But, I do know that Jenna, Erica, and Joanna are all on separate teams and working on decks and stairs, Bradley is on a painting team, Annie and Kyle are on a painting team together, and Holly (me) is working on replacing a roof. 

Our theme for the day was “God Built Us” and we had various conversations throughout the day about the beauty and difficulty of living in a community of diverse and unique people all created by God. Lots of really good thinking going on.

Today will a be a bit different as we will not be going to our worksites, but we will be working as one big group on some community work. I’ll give more details on that tomorrow!

Lunchtime – PB&J is life!

Evening Program in the park