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SSP 2017: Day 5

Wow… it was tough getting up this morning. It was a full day yesterday and I definitely could have used a bit more sleep this morning to recover. 

Instead of going to our regular worksites yesterday, we joined together as one big group and drove to Collier State Park to help the rangers with some good old fashion manual labor. We moved piles of sticks and organic debris into trucks that were then moved to another location where it will be burned later. All of this is to try to keep down the amount of dead and dry material in the forest in order to reduce the fire hazard in the area. After we moved several piles of wood, we moved to the other side of the park and picked up thousands of pine cones that had fallen in the recreation and picnic area. While it sounds like a simple and mundane job, if our group of 60 people hadn’t pitched in to do the job, the two park rangers would have had to close the park for a day to do the job themselves. A simple task with great impact for two hard working people.

After a morning of hard work, we walked over to the river for a refreshing dip in the cool waters. Ok, it was REALLY cold water. But the kids made the best of it and had a great time hanging out in the river. We also ate dinner at the river and had our evening program.

After program we all piled back into our cars and headed back over to the gymnasium for showers and our evening devotion before bed.

It was a long and exhausting day and sleep was a welcome guest for all.

(Sorry, no photos today. Uploading didn’t work)