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SSP 2018: Day 3

Our first work day is in the books!

After breakfast, we had our safety presentations and learned (or for most of us, relearned) the circular saw, the chop saw and the drill.

Then we headed off to our work sites, got our assignments, met our homeowners and got to work!

Jenna and Joanna are on one team painting, Dolly is leading a team that is also painting, Erica is helping build an awning and Annie’s group is swapping between painting and building a fence.

We had free time (which most of us spent cleaning paint brushes), song time, site reports (in the form of a rap battle) and then dinner! Yummy pasta, salad and veggies. We then had program and considered what it means to love courageously.

Last in our day were showers and evening devotional, then we headed to bed and slept well!