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SSP 2019 – Day 4

Good morning!

Sue and I are sitting together enjoying a hot cuppa joe before the chaos of the day begins.

Yesterday we saw more progress on everyone’s projects. Jenna and Holly are on the same team working on a set of stairs. Yesterday we poured the concrete pad for the base of the stairs. We should be ready to get to construction on Thursday. Sue’s team was back at the Train Mountain exhibit staining the entrance and clearing brush from around the train tracks. Everyone on her team got rides on the miniature trains yesterday! Erica’s team moved to a new project where they are pouring a concrete sidewalk for a wheelchair ramp that was built earlier this summer.

At program last night we heard from James, who is a representative of the Klamath Tribes. He shared a little bit of the three tribes who occupy this land (Klamath, Modoc, Paiute) and the history of the debate between the native people and the US Government over the rights to the land. I think the youth learned some new and eye opening things.

Today we will not be going to our worksites as we will all be going together to Collier State Park for some tree planting and fire prevention. After we work, we will spend some time hanging out together and enjoying the water in the nearby river. We will report more on that in tomorrow’s update.

With much appreciation,