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SSP 2019 – Day 5

Here we are again! Another morning at SSP.

Yesterday was a fantastic day with lots of good work and lots of good rest. We spent the morning at Collier Memorial State Park where we split into several groups and worked on a few different projects: painting a picnic structure, watering newly planted plants, and raking up pine needles for fire prevention. It wasn’t glamorous work, but was necessary for the health of the forest. After this we got together to get instructions on planting some two year old lodgepole pine saplings. Each work team took two saplings and lovingly planted and watered them in a sunny spot for future generations to enjoy. In about three years our trees will be about 3 or 4 feet tall.

After a productive morning we ate lunch and then ventured off toward the river for some COLD and refreshing water. The area where we were is the confluence of Spring Creek and Williamson River. The youth had a great time playing in the water. The afternoon was spent swimming, playing cards, resting, and chatting. We continued into the evening with a bbq dinner and then song time and program, all still in the park.

It was a great way to spend our Wednesday, but we are all ready to dive head first back into the projects we started earlier this week. Two more full days of work left this week, and our goal is to get everything finished as this is SSP’s last week in Chiloquin for the year.