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SSP 2019 – Days 1 & 2

Good Morning from Chiloquin, Oregon!

We left Menlo Park on Saturday morning with three of our four team members (the fourth we met on the road). Our first day on the road was pretty uneventful as we drove up to Redding for an overnight stay. That is where we met Erica who had been on a road trip with bff Joanna. We relaxed by the pool, enjoyed a mexican dinner, and spent some time together doing spa treatments and watching a movie in our hotel room 🙂

Sunday morning we got up and on the road and took a short drive to the Shasta Caverns where we enjoyed a tour through the caverns and learned about the history of the area and how all the crystals are formed inside the caves. After a quick lunch we made our final trek to Chiloquin to meet up with the other churches we will be sharing our week with.

We’ve been given our team assignments and will be doing some tool training after breakfast. Then we will pack up and head to our sites for our first day of work. We are the last week of volunteers for the summer so we are expecting to finish all our projects. It is going to be a great week!