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SSP 2018: Days 7 & 8

We are currently on the road home from San Diego with some very full hearts!

Friday was a busy day, beginning with breakfast and “opportunities to serve,” and then a full day of hard work! It was our last day on the work sites, so we were all very motivated to get some work done for our wonderful homeowners.

Once again, Jenna and Joanna got treated to a delicious lunch by our homeowners (this time they made us tacos and Jenna ate SEVEN!). By the end of the day we were able to finish all of our coats of painting the front and the back of our house!

Erica came home covered head to toe in dirt (classic) because she had been digging holes all day! Her group’s holes from the previous day had been FILLED IN by someone but the kids were troopers as usual and dug them right back out and made even more progress.

Annie got some zen time! Her group finished digging their holes early and went to the beach where they joined a free yoga class and bonded with the instructor! She came home with a huge smile and some lavender essential oil. A new woman, you might say.

Dolly’s group has been painting a senior center in Imperial Beach, which has been filled with lots of painters tape, happy elderly people and free birthday cake! What more can you ask for?!

After work days on Friday, we played a quick game of ultimate frisbee, sang our hearts out for our last song time and ate delicious homemade pizza for dinner.

Then it was love fest! This is an activity where we feed each other (oreos and milk in this case) and gave lots and lots of hugs. Then we were off to showers and came back to a surprise dance party with rootbeer floats!

We had one last pillow fight for good measure before bed and then zoncked out to get some rest for our big travel day.

This morning was mostly cleaning, eating leftovers and goodbyes/pictures, and now we are trying to “zoom” home, as Dolly says 🙂

Sidenote: Our group stopped at Walmart to get a gift for our homeowners and it happened to be customer appreciation day (meaning lots of free stuff!) so we had some free cupcakes and Jenna’s one blue cupcake plus one yellow cupcake naturally made for some very green teeth!