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SSP 2018: Day 4

Our first full work day!! It was hot!

After our favorite breakfast (yam bread!), we headed off to our work sites in an attempt to beat the heat. Our group spent the day scraping, priming and painting with frequent breaks to stay hydrated and energized. Many of the homeowners in Imperial Beach are extra kind and our (Jenna and Joanna’s) family made us homemade bean soup and burritos. SO incredibly delicious.

We finished off the work day with even more painting and then had free time, song time, dinner (burrito bar!) and program. Our dinner tonight was a community dinner so we got to meet some other homeowners as well as the community contact for SSP.

During program, we did a very fun and meaningful activity where we were given a photograph and asked to explain this photograph to our partner using only words while they drew it (we also couldn’t see their drawing!). It taught us a lot about communication and interpretation and teamwork.

We traveled to our showers and did evening devotional and then headed to bed! Tomorrow we go to Mexico and we are all very excited for that!