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SSP 2018: Day 5

Today we went to Mexico!

After breakfast and our morning “opportunities to serve,” we loaded up vans and headed to the boarder. We took the freeway exit labeled “last USA exit” and proceeded to walk through customs. When we got into Mexico we loaded onto buses which drove us into the beach area of Tijuana.

There we met with the pastor of the duo-national church namedĀ Guillermo who told us about the struggles migrants face and his efforts to contribute to that community.

Next we heard from activist Daniel who works with an organization named “Friends of Friendship Park.” Friendship park is a place in between two of the fences separating the US and Mexico where separated families can come to greet one another. Unfortunately, they must greet one another through the fence and can only show affection through something called a “pinky kiss.”

We got to work in Mexico helping to clear out a lot that would be used for starting a composting program in the town! We cleared out lots of trash and weeds, and left it looking entirely different than we had found it.

We then had lunch (ceviche!) right next to the border fence and learned Haitian dancing (!!) to help us better appreciate the cultural diversity of Tijuana.

The we headed through customs one more time to come back to the USA and we left for the beach! Water day was fun and relaxing with swimming, frisbeeing, lounging, barbecuing and singing!