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SSP 2018: Day 6

Another productive work day complete!

After writing letters during spiritual awakening, we ate breakfast and headed to our work sites.

Jenna and Joanna continued to paint and got an incredible lunch once again from our lovely homeowners!!

It has been very warm during our work days, and we take many breaks to try and beat the heat and still be productive. We finished the priming of the front and back of the house as well as priming the eaves of a different house.

Annie and Erica both spent the day digging holes (in very, very rocky ground) which posed a large challenge but they, as usual, were troopers.

Then we came back for free time (frisbee!) and song time (we requested “fill my cup” and belted our most beautiful low voice).

Then dinner of stir-fry and off to spirit walk we went! We drove to the beach (I am slowly learning that there are a lot around here) and the staff shared their stories and we did an activity called “God whispers.” Lots of love and support all around, we are one lucky bunch 🙂