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SSP Walker River: Monday

Our first day on the worksites went well. We awoke to the sound of our lovely staff singing Rise and Shine. After a short morning devotion we headed over to the church for breakfast, and we listened to some safety tips while we waited for the food to be ready.

After breakfast we joined the construction staff for a tool demonstration where everyone got a chance to use a drill and a circular saw. Once training was over our teams got to work gathering supplies, making lunches, and filling water jugs for the worksites. And then we followed our construction supervisor out to our sites for the first day.

Due to the extra safety and construction training we didn’t have a full day of work, but we certainly felt the 100* heat. All of the groups are working outside on roofing, painting, and building, so staying hydrated is one of our main tasks during the day.

After working, we came home for showers and free time. As dinner approached the wind started to pickup and the weather got very exciting. So exciting that in the middle of dinner, where we eat outside, we needed to head back to the gym with our food firmly in hand in order to escape the intense wind.

After all the excitement at dinner chores were completed and we had our program time focused on the theme word for the day: Restore.

It was a good day full of unexpected twists. We are looking forward to seeing what Tuesday brings.

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