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SSP Walker River: Tuesday

Today was our first full day on our worksites. We woke up bright and early, had yummy breakfast burritos, did our morning chores, and left four sites.

The painting groups continued to scrape and prepare the home for primer. Other groups are building either a ramp or a set of stairs. And a few groups are removing old roofing and boards in order to put on new boards and shingles.

Despite a few groups having to wait for materials, it sounds like much progress is being made on each site. One team had a bit of a set back as one of the youth (not from our church) fell through the ceiling sheetrock, luckily she went only about half way in, landing quickly on a shelf below her. There was a bit of excitement, but everyone is ok.

At the end of the work day we had shower and free time. Always fun with board games, basketball, and napping.

Dinner time rolled around and so did another storm. Just as we were starting dinner, it began to rain and we could see lightening in the distance. To be cautious, we ate in the gym again. Everyone is being really flexible and understanding of the unusual circumstances.

Our program was led by one of the homeowners, Patty, who taught us several Paiute circle dances. It was fun to get a small taste of Paiute tradition.

Tomorrow we are taking the day off from working to learn more about the Paiute and we’ll spend the afternoon at the Walker River Reservoir for swimming, relaxing, and dinner.

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