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SSP Walker River: Wednesday

We’ve come to the middle of the week! Typically on Wednesdays we would work a half day and then head to a watering hole of some kind for a refreshing dip. But today we were given the whole day off, so it was quite a treat.

After breakfast and morning chores we piled into our vans with our church groups (vs. our work teams) and drove to nearby Yerington where we filed into a theater. We were given an opportunity to watch a few short films directed by Winter Carrera, a nature photographer/cinematographer and member of the Walker River Pauite Tribe.

The first film talked about the tribe in general and showed us some of their culture that they are trying to preserve. The second film was about a place called Hodden Cave, an archeological site on the reservation that has great historical significance to the Paiute. Afterward we had a Q&A session with Winter and some of the tribal elders. It was a really great experience.

After the films we came back to the gym to grab our stuff and to change into our swimsuits. We very quickly piled back in the vans and drove to Weber Reservoir for swimming, free time, and dinner.

The swimming has been the highlight of the week so far for pretty much everyone. It was great to be in the cool water and to have a relaxed afternoon chatting and playing games.

When dinner time rolled around we had yet another bout of crazy weather. Just as we were laying out the food an intense wind kicked up which made it impossible for us to enjoy our meals outside. We all sought shelter in our vehicles while we are. Despite the craziness, the food was great.

After dinner we came home, got ready for bed, had our evening devotion and then it was lights out.

Tomorrow we will hit it full force with another full day of work.