Sierra Service Project’s (SSP) mission is:

“Building faith and strengthening communities through service to others.”

SSP is a Christian non-profit organization providing life-changing experiences through acts of service repairing homes in rural and urban communities. SSP invites middle school and high school youth and young adults to experience the profound power of serving people who have a culture and life experience different from their own. During their domestic Summer Program each year, approximately 1,400 youth and 400 adult volunteers from 180 churches and over 40 paid summer staff live, worship and work together on six different site locations. Together, their work results in over 100 safer, drier and more comfortable homes and community centers.

Ladera Community Church has been supporting SSP through our donations and participation since 2013, and it has formed the backbone of our youth program.

SSP 2019 – Day 5

Here we are again! Another morning at SSP. Yesterday was a fantastic day with lots of good work and lots of good rest. We spent the morning at Collier Memorial State Park where we split into several groups and worked on a few different projects: painting a picnic structure, watering...

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SSP 2019 – Day 4

Good morning! Sue and I are sitting together enjoying a hot cuppa joe before the chaos of the day begins. Yesterday we saw more progress on everyone’s projects. Jenna and Holly are on the same team working on a set of stairs. Yesterday we poured the concrete pad for the...

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SSP 2019 – Day 3

Yesterday was our first day on the worksites. We’ve got a variety of projects going amongst 7 different work teams – a few groups building stairs, roofing a shed, clearing brush, finishing a ramp, sprucing up a new food pantry, and repairing a fence. Peanut butter and jelly all around...

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SSP 2019 – Days 1 & 2

Good Morning from Chiloquin, Oregon! We left Menlo Park on Saturday morning with three of our four team members (the fourth we met on the road). Our first day on the road was pretty uneventful as we drove up to Redding for an overnight stay. That is where we met...

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SSP 2018: Days 7 & 8

We are currently on the road home from San Diego with some very full hearts! Friday was a busy day, beginning with breakfast and “opportunities to serve,” and then a full day of hard work! It was our last day on the work sites, so we were all very motivated...

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SSP 2018: Day 6

Another productive work day complete! After writing letters during spiritual awakening, we ate breakfast and headed to our work sites. Jenna and Joanna continued to paint and got an incredible lunch once again from our lovely homeowners!! It has been very warm during our work days, and we take many...

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SSP 2018: Day 5

Today we went to Mexico! After breakfast and our morning “opportunities to serve,” we loaded up vans and headed to the boarder. We took the freeway exit labeled “last USA exit” and proceeded to walk through customs. When we got into Mexico we loaded onto buses which drove us into...

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SSP 2018: Day 4

Our first full work day!! It was hot! After our favorite breakfast (yam bread!), we headed off to our work sites in an attempt to beat the heat. Our group spent the day scraping, priming and painting with frequent breaks to stay hydrated and energized. Many of the homeowners in...

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SSP 2018: Day 3

Our first work day is in the books! After breakfast, we had our safety presentations and learned (or for most of us, relearned) the circular saw, the chop saw and the drill. Then we headed off to our work sites, got our assignments, met our homeowners and got to work!...

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SSP 2018: Days 1 & 2

We made it to San Diego!! We hit the road Saturday morning and stopped in Pismo Beach for lunch (crepes!).   We explored the beach and then got right back on the road until taking a quick stop in Ventura for some thrift shopping. We made it to Mission Viejo...

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