Sierra Service Project’s (SSP) mission is:

“Building faith and strengthening communities through service to others.”

SSP is a Christian non-profit organization providing life-changing experiences through acts of service repairing homes in rural and urban communities. SSP invites middle school and high school youth and young adults to experience the profound power of serving people who have a culture and life experience different from their own. During their domestic Summer Program each year, approximately 1,400 youth and 400 adult volunteers from 180 churches and over 40 paid summer staff live, worship and work together on six different site locations. Together, their work results in over 100 safer, drier and more comfortable homes and community centers.

Ladera Community Church has been supporting SSP through our donations and participation since 2013, and it has formed the backbone of our youth program.

SSP 2017: Day 6

Thursday is always a pretty special day at SSP. We all worked a full day at our sites, getting ever closer to completing our projects. While most of us won’t finish our jobs this week (as these projects take several weeks to complete), we will all leave the next group...

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SSP 2017: Day 5

Wow… it was tough getting up this morning. It was a full day yesterday and I definitely could have used a bit more sleep this morning to recover.  Instead of going to our regular worksites yesterday, we joined together as one big group and drove to Collier State Park to...

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SSP 2017: Day 4

Yesterday was our second full day of work on our worksites, and we continue to be injury free! We all left for our worksites at 9am and returned at 4pm for showers and free time. You’ll have to get the specifics about everyone’s work from them as most of them...

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SSP 2017: Day 3

Good morning, friends and supporters! Yesterday (Day 3) was our first day on our worksites and it was an amazing day. We started off with a safety presentation where we go to practice using power tools. Each team then was driven out to their site by one of the staff...

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SSP 2017: Days 1 & 2

First of all, thank you so much for your support of this team. We’ve only just arrived and it has already been a great trip. We started off at our beloved church and headed to Redding for our first night. On the way there we stopped at the Jelly Belly...

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Sierra Service Project: July 15 – 22, 2017

The time has come! Our team is leaving on Saturday, July 15 to travel to Chiloquin, Oregon for a week of service, fun, and spiritual reflection. We will return on Saturday, July 22 and will share our experiences with the congregation the very next morning! So, join us in worship...

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SSP Walker River: Thur/Fri/Sat

Sorry for the combined post here, but posting on site became incredibly difficult with connectivity issues and limited time. Thursday was a great day of work for everyone, but the big highlight of the day was the evening program. We drove about 10 minutes from our home site to an...

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SSP Walker River: Wednesday

We’ve come to the middle of the week! Typically on Wednesdays we would work a half day and then head to a watering hole of some kind for a refreshing dip. But today we were given the whole day off, so it was quite a treat. After breakfast and morning...

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SSP Walker River: Tuesday

Today was our first full day on our worksites. We woke up bright and early, had yummy breakfast burritos, did our morning chores, and left four sites. The painting groups continued to scrape and prepare the home for primer. Other groups are building either a ramp or a set of...

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SSP Walker River: Monday

Our first day on the worksites went well. We awoke to the sound of our lovely staff singing Rise and Shine. After a short morning devotion we headed over to the church for breakfast, and we listened to some safety tips while we waited for the food to be ready....

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