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Thank fully!

Thankfully, it’s November! Thankfully, that means this most contentious Presidential campaign season will soon be over. Choices will be made, votes cast. And thankfully, we can choose by our attention, attitude and actions to participate in the healing of division exposed, even exacerbated in the course of this election season.

I have been inspired and encouraged by movements that have risen up in response to these challenges; The Revival: A Moral Revolution of Values that proclaims, “It is time to move beyond left and right, liberal and conservative, and uphold higher ground moral values!” Or We Stand With Love that declares, ”We are coming together to say NO to the hate rhetoric that threatens to divide us and YES to more just and generous ways of living with and loving one another.”

Thankful to such people of faith, who call us to hold the vision, to claim higher ground, and move toward healing including Parker Palmer, who offers “Five Habits to Heal the Heart of Democracy”

An understanding we’re all in this together
An appreciation of the value of “otherness”
An ability to hold tension in life-giving ways
A sense of personal voice and agency
A capacity to create community.

Looking over these points, it’s heartening to realize that’s the spirit and intent underscoring our life in community here at LCC. Our recent Listening Campaign results affirm these five points in so many ways; a high value for connection, inclusivity, celebrating diversity, concern for justice and fairness. Our Stewardship Campaign captures this same spirit, calling us to “Listen Up!” Our pledges and sharing of time and talent are resources that fuel our shared ministry, and all the healing good we can accomplish together. Much to be thankful for!

By the end of the month, we move into the Advent season, “Arise, Shine!” inspired by Isaiah 60: “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” Ever thankful for the light that shines within and among us, bringing hope, peace, joy and love.

With gratitude, love and peace,

From Ladera Life – November 2016