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Thank God for Easter!

Thank God for Easter. Literally, thank God for Easter! A sudden plot twist to end all plot twists, and smack dab in the place you’d least expect it, a wasteland of sorrow, new life shows up. Incredible. Whatever you believe about resurrection, there’s no denying a dramatic history-changing shift really happened. People once afraid became bold and brave. Inexplicable joy arose with the energy to eclipse grief. Christ arose, and a new life-changing movement along with him.

Thank God for Easter. It happened then, and it happens still. Resurrection is real, and love and life have the last word – love with the power to bring new life in transformative ways.

There are signs of resurrection life all around. Look through these pages and read about an inspired proposal (thank you, Kathan) to bring new life by connecting with our neighbors in creative partnership to put to use our space and our resources in service to what, together, we care about. On April 8, the Sunday after Easter, come to hear reflections from our own high school students and teachers on the rising, Spirit-led, student movement galvanizing energy and focused determination to bring sensible gun legislation and save lives.

This is what resurrection looks like – out of despair, hope; out of death, new life. We share resurrection stories every Sunday, when prayer concerns testify to healing, reconciliation, and love – God showing up with resurrection power in our own lives. Amazing grace, here and now. Thank God for Easter!

With Easter joy, faith and love,