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Thank God for Easter

Thank God for Easter. I mean it. As I write, it’s still Holy Week, and scenes of devastation in Brussels fill the airwaves. Fear and grief again hold sway. Thank God for Easter, for the truth is, no matter what you believe about what happened then – what you believe about Jesus and resurrection, what happened then was profound transformation. Lives were undeniably, irrevocably changed from that day forward. Once terrified people were emboldened to let their lives bear witness to a new reality, a reality in which love and life triumph. Fear, hatred, death, these did not, and praise be, do not have the final word.

Thank God for Easter. Day breaks, trumpets sound. Christ the Lord is risen, risen indeed! This great glad Easter acclamation lifts a victory cry. Bring it on! Bring it on – the triumph of life over death, of faith supplanting fear. Bring it on, this confounding truth of resurrection – truth with the power to transform lives.

Thank God for Easter then, and for Easter now. For we can claim the great, audacious power to live as Easter people, What does that mean in our own lives – when hope wanes and huge boulders seem to stand between a present or past painful reality and the new life and possibility we long for? What does it mean for us at Ladera Community Church to live as Easter people, to believe God’s doing a new thing, here among us, calling us out to serve a mission and purpose greater than we can believe? What good news is ours to tell? We have this great story, still unfolding, of God’s amazing grace at work, changing it up, shaking up expectations, changing course in confounding and astounding ways. So bring on the trumpets, the Hallelujah chorus, raise the Alleluia banner high, and let Easter happen, again and again and again – every time we choose to live in light of loves’ resurrection power. Thank God, the story is not over. Thank God for Easter!

Love and peace,


– from the April 2016 edition of Ladera Life