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The Ides of June

What whirlwind times! Not daily, but hourly national news brings head-spinning alerts of one precipitous crisis, one chaotic scramble after another, everything happening so fast it’s hard to keep up. Enough to send have us all breathing into paper bags – coping mechanisms majorly in play! I’m grateful to prophetic leaders like Jim Wallis of Sojourners, who puts it plainly.

There are no easy answers or strategies. But there is our call to go deeper in our faith,
to center ourselves in God instead of news cycles, to pray for God’s wisdom and presence,
to fast in order to help focus our hearts and minds,
and to be ready to advocate — to speak the truth to power —
for those whom Jesus calls 
“least of these.”

“Center ourselves in God”. How do we do this? In such times as this, church takes on renewed relevance. We can be a place of sanctuary and peace: a place to give and receive support and care, to celebrate together all the good, and to rally strength to act with compassion and courage. To be enthused – filled with the Spirit – and let that Spirit move us to action. Gathering together, energy and enthusiasm sparks!

I’m excited and enthused about joining efforts together for “Building an Ark of Compassion” this summer as we set out fill a Heifer Project ark. Enthused about the work of the Church Structure Team, which has been gathering input to tweak our structure so we can focus energies on seeking, serving and growing. Enthused that our new Social Justice Team will be consulting the congregation to prioritize issues for our focused study and action. Enthused about gathering ideas at the ” Fired Up for Fall” all-church planning meeting on June 25. Enthused about the growing list of mission and service actions accomplished and planned, including another enthusiastic group of youth headed off for another Sierra Service Project experience. Cheers to our high school graduates, Joanna, Christo and Bradley! Come June 11 – Pentecost Sunday and cheer them on, when we celebrate the Spirit at play and work among us!

May summer days bring a gathering of energy and Spirit-filled enthusiasm!

With love and cheer,


From Ladera Life – June 2017