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“Why Church?” – Joanna

I think the simplest way to describe how special LCC is to me is that it’s this hub of thoughtful, kind, compassionate and aware people who are committed to supporting each other. I grew up surrounded by this constant support—17 years of hugs, smiles, advice, prayers and friendship. This support allowed me to go to SSP three years in a row, to try my hand at performing and singing and playing guitar, it guided me through confirmation and it ultimately helped me grow as a person.

But more recently, I’ve also grown to understand and appreciate LCC’s support not only for each other, but also for those outside our own community. Maple Street, science and women’s marches, donations and so much more make me proud and grateful to be surrounded by aware and giving people. This has instilled a passion for service in me, beginning with SSP and hopefully continuing on long into my future.

Joanna V.