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“Why Church?” – Jud

There are many ways people can become part of a community, give back to the larger world, and make their voice heard. Most of them aren’t church. In fact, there are many churches that offer all three of those things. Our family chose LCC after about 18 months of “church shopping” when we first moved to California from Michigan because we felt intellectually challenged by the message, inspired by the music and community involvement, and supported by the people.

In the April newsletter, I recounted an Easter Sunday conversation among friends during which Krista said “I don’t know why young families aren’t flocking to this church. We have a fantastic community of people who care about each other and are active in the world, terrific music, a great minister of faith formation, and thoughtful, inspiring worship services.”

It’s no surprise that families’ time is increasingly precious. We choose to spend some of ours at – and financially support – LCC because we feel challenged and supported, our kids learn how to live our values, and we have an opportunity to learn and help others alongside kind, supportive, fun, and spiritual people. We’re also proud to stand with them on their own journeys.

Jud H.