Sunday Worship | 9:30 am

Worship is the heart of our community life. Sunday worship begins at 9:30 am each Sunday, and is a joyful celebration of God's presence among us. Through song and silence, prayer and reflection, we find inspiration, renewal and refreshment. All ages are involved in worship leadership, and we seek to integrate the arts - music, drama and visual - to enrich the worship experience. Worship continues in the ways we seek, serve, and grow in the world.


We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month with an intergenerational service called Come to the Table. Our children and youth stay in worship to experience this interactive and energizing worship service and to participate in Communion with their families.


Music is an integral part of our worship. Our services include congregational and choir singing, with occasional special offerings from our children and youth choirs. Music Director Eric Kujawsky chooses music of all periods and traditions to enhance, expand and illustrate the lessons and the season. Listening to and participating in music supports our faith journeys.

The church’s interest in the performing arts is reflected in its hosting various community musical events, such as piano and opera recitals.

Special Services

We offer special worship services throughout the year for a variety of different church holidays such as:

  • Prayer Vigils in response to Current Events
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Holy Week and Easter
  • Earth Day
  • Youth Mission Sunday (led by our youth)
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • Thanksgiving Sunday
  • Advent and Christmas Eve